Farmer Jason

St Serf’s, Edinburgh, Sun 15 Apr


With their infectious rhythms and catchy lyrics, Farmer Jason’s songs have a wide appeal. But even he was surprised by the interest his CDs generated. As the Farmer’s alter ego, Jason Ringenberg, explains. ‘It seems adults are into Farmer Jason just as much as kids,’ he says. ‘In Spain, long-haired Harley riders will buy Farmer Jason CDs. I tell them they’re for children but they say “No, Farmer Jason rocks!” Go figure.’

Ringenberg spent the 1980s pioneering his brand of punk/country fusion with former band, Jason and the Scorchers. Going solo in 1999, Ringenberg still toured for half the year, leaving behind two children who missed their daddy. In a bid to keep his memory alive while out on the road, he invented Farmer Jason and recorded a few songs for his daughters and their friends to enjoy. The rest, as they say, is history. ‘Farmer Jason’ now tours more extensively and sells more CDs than Ringenberg

The Farmer’s first CD, A Day At The Farm has been a hit with under 10s across the globe. But while some of Ringenberg’s grown-up material finds its way into his kids shows, and vice versa, the songwriter knows how to target his audience. ‘The biggest difference is that with kids, the songs must have a catchy hook,’ says Ringenberg. ‘The music is what they primarily relate to, and if they won’t sing along, you’ve failed.’

Released to coincide with his UK tour, Rockin’ In The Forest is the latest Farmer Jason outpouring. A fun, country rock album with tracks such as ‘Punk Rock Skunk’ and ‘Ode To A Toad’. ‘My goal is to entertain the kids and their parents,’ says Ringenberg. ‘But I also want to teach them little lessons about ecology, nature and the outdoors.’

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