Janice Galloway

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  • 30 April 2009
Janice Galloway

As well as being one of the most original, lyrical writers from the current crop of major Scottish novelists, Janice Galloway is also one of the best performers of her own work that we've had the pleasure to hear. She’s going to be reading sections from This Is Not About Me, one of the best memoirs we’ve had the priviledge of reading recently, too. So probably quite a good night then.

Blackwell’s, Edinburgh, Fri 8 May.

Janice Galloway

The celebrated Scottish author reads from her work and takes a look at her enlightening career. Scottish writer Janice Galloway came to prominence with the release of 1989's The Trick is to Keep Breathing, a harrowing story about a women's grieving process – and mental deterioration – after the death of her married…


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