Cruz, Edinburgh, Sat 21 Apr


(From left: Morgan, Jon Pleased Wimmin, Slim Boy Fat and Lick It)

It is handy that Edinburgh’s gay and gay-friendly clubs, bars and general venues of debauchery are clustered around the Leith Walk area. This means that starting the evening at the top of the Walk with a clear head, the descent into squiffiness can be charted as you descend towards sea level. Edinburgh’s newest gay-friendly club night, Trashed, continues this spurious metaphor by dropping anchor at Leith Docks on a boat with the double-entendre-tastic moniker ‘Cruz’.

Matching the unusual location, promoter and DJ James Powsey hopes that what sets this new night apart from long-running favourites on the scene (like Taste and Fever) is a music policy that emphasises difference. The club will initially take up two floors of the boat, split into Pop Trash and Electro Trash rooms. The former will be manned by Powsey himself (aka Lick It) and Slim Boy Fat offering an assorted mix of commercial house with a pop spin, plus the odd bootleg DJ remix. He stresses the importance of a good cross section of music (and crowd) to any successful club, saying ‘there’s kind of a bit for everyone really.’

Heading up the more ‘housey’ room is Jon Pleased Wimmin (ex-androgyne DJ and current fave on the Edinburgh club scene) with Morgan aiding and abetting in the spinning of electro, classic and glam house. He also sees it as a chance to create something eclectic and inclusive - electro, Nu-disco and house - while avoiding anything ‘naff or ‘moronic’ to hopefully result in what he calls a ‘right old scream up’.

Trashed aims to be a jack of all trades. If all goes well there are even plans to add a third area specialising in soul and funk, and in the summer open the outside top deck to revellers. So why not roll down to the dock for a little house boat (geddit?) action - just try not to fall in.

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