5 Reasons To Go See - 1990s

5 Reasons To Go See - 1990s
  1. They love numbers more than Carol Vorderman does Not content with their numerical moniker, the band’s latest single is called ‘59’, a slice of summery pop harmonies released on Rough Trade Records, the label that signed the weegie trio after their sixth gig.
  2. They can turn a bus journey into a sociological study A reliable source says that ‘59’ eulogises the 59 bus in Pollokshields, ‘which comes approximately once per lifetime and goes from Narnia to Brigadoon via Pollokshields’. Singer Michael McGaughrin explains: ‘It’s the only bus you want to get on in Pollokshields, even if it’s going in the wrong direction. The song’s about me taking this bus and checking out the girls … with gammy eyes.’
  3. They get their inspiration from unusual sources Their new album Kicks references Mongolian warlords, bears, Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink, Baader-Meinhoff and Scientology. But most of the songs are about ex, current, future and fictional girlfriends.
  4. They’re fearless rhymers ‘The Box’ off the new album follows the line ‘back in your box’ with ‘because that’s the place I keep my pants and socks’.
  5. They’re cosmically minded McGaughrin is a Scorpio. Fellow band members Jackie McKeown and Dino Bardot are an Aquarius and a Taurus respectively.
ABC2, Glasgow, Sun 3 May.

1990s and The Bent Moustache

Spiky, celebratory Glaswegian trio who take pop music but not themselves seriously.

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