Hugh Jackman keeps manhood safe

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  • 28 April 2009
Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman keeps manhood safe

Australian actor Hugh Jackman keeps film footage of him naked which was cut from his latest film 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' locked in a safe

Hugh Jackman keeps film footage of him naked locked in a safe.

The Australian actor exposed himself several times while filming a particular scene for his new movie 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'.

None of the takes could be used in the final cut, as the film has a PG13 rating in the US, meaning it has to be suitable for anyone over the age of 13 to watch.

Hugh, 40, said: "It's easy to jump off a waterfall naked, but for a PG-13 movie?! It took a lot of choreography.

"After we finished filming our director gave me a small little bag and inside it where about eight bits of film, all cut. I said, 'That's interesting', then I held it up to the light and I said, 'OK, now I know why that's in a bag!' Now it's in my safe somewhere - my private parts in a bag!"

Hugh, who plays the lead role of Wolverine in the film, also told how his son, Oscar, eight, uses his father's fame to his own advantage.

He told America's OK! magazine: "He said to me the other day, 'Dad, two o'clock, hot chick.' He walks over, and I heard him say, 'Hey, my dad's Wolverine.' That's his opening line. He brings them over and asks, 'Dad, can we have a few autographs for the girls?' I'm like, 'Am I pimping for my kids?' "

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