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(Photo: © Niall Browne)


What’s that then? Every Thursday the Jekyll & Hyde basement on Edinburgh’s Hanover Street is host to a censor-free night of comedic devilment.

Ooh, that sounds cheeky It is indeed. Resident MC Rick Molland (pictured) touts the proceedings as a ‘dark and depraved night’, basically meaning that acts are encouraged to unleash their more controversial material upon the public’s sensitive souls.

So it’s all racism and homophobia then? Heresy’s feet are firmly planted away from the right wing, and, let’s face it, racism’s a bit passé now anyway. Cue more dead baby jokes. Liberal dead baby jokes, mind.

Who’ll like it? The easily offended should keep away, but the more open-minded can enjoy some of the best in Scottish talent doing jokes and routines they daren’t do anywhere else.

Jekyll & Hyde, Edinburgh, Thursdays.


  • 4 stars

The Heresy basement lives on, with a weekly offering of dark and filthy comedy. Not for the easily offended. Or for anyone scared of basements.

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