Drew Barrymore won't diet

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  • 27 April 2009
Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore won't diet

Drew Barrymore won't "starve" herself to get a slim figure just to fit in with Hollywood ideals

Drew Barrymore refuses to go on extreme diets in a bid to get thin.

The 'Grey Gardens' star, famed for her curvaceous figure, believes eating everything in moderation as well as undergoing regular exercise is the essential if you want to get the ideal body shape.

She said: "My top beauty and fitness tip is to eat whatever you want in smaller increments but don't starve yourself to societal pressures. And I love to exercise because it makes me feel good about myself."

Although Drew is determined to maintain her figure through healthy eating and exercise, many other celebrities take dieting to the extreme in order to get as thin as possible.

Actresses Liz Hurley and Sarah Michelle Gellar have undergone the cabbage soup diet in a bid to lose weight, in which the only food they can eat for a week is the bland concoction.

Before filming 'Dreamgirls' Beyonce Knowles followed the maple syrup diet and lost around 21 lbs in two weeks.

The diet consists of a detox drink made from the natural sap of maple and palm trees, mixed with fresh lemon juice, water and cayenne pepper and is a replacement for all meals.

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