Fan man Billie Joe Armstrong

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  • 25 April 2009
Billie Joe Armstrong

Fan man Billie Joe Armstrong

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong refuses to live out the cliche of a hedonistic rock star because he wants his fans to be able to relate to him

Billie Joe Armstrong refuses live a party lifestyle because he doesn't want to alienate his fans.

The Green Day frontman shuns many of the events he gets invited to as he believes being seen as a hedonistic rock star would ruin his punk credentials.

He said: "Having a normal life is the only way to way to write good songs. If it's a constant champagne party then people can't relate."

Meanwhile, the singer believes the latest Green Day album is representative of American life.

Armstrong says '21st Century Breakdown' has a collection of songs which showcase life after President George Bush and the optimism that is now felt since Barack Obama entered the White House.

He said: "It's about the collateral damage with it but also the hope and optimism a lot of Americans have. It's a really strange time. But exciting because there's the first African-American president, a smart man who wants to do a good job. People are losing their jobs yet have a smile on their face, so this is record is about that and the start of another era."

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