Profile - Edbanger Records


Name Edbanger Records

Occupation Probably the coolest electronic record label in the world.

Can you back this up? If it’s credentials you’re looking for then, it’s run by Pedro Winter aka Busy P and he counts acts like Justice, Uffie & Feadz (pictured), Mr Oizo, Sebastian, DJ Mehdi and Mr Flash among his label mates.

Who are these people? Have you been living down a hole? Justice as in, ‘We Are Your Friends’ and Mr Oizo as in the Levi’s ad. Then there is DJ Mehdi and Uffie & Feadz.

Who is Uffie? She hasn’t even turned 20 but is already producing some stellar stuff. She released her debut single ‘Pop the Clock’ last year and her current offering ‘Hot Chick’ is to be found in pretty much every DJ’s box at the moment.

How about Feadz? Well, he is the DJ/producer behind this young lady. He discovered her and asked her to sing vocals on his records. It was a match made in heaven.

And this Mehdi guy? His first solo album Lucky Girl was released last year and his follow up Lucky Boy is out now. Born and raised in Paris, he has been producing hip hop artists for years, has remixed the likes of Joakim, New Young Pony Club and Just Jack, has played in several bands and was resident DJ at the legendary (now defunct) club Pulp.

DJ Mehdi plays Clash!, Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Thu 19 Apr; Uffie & Feadz play Death Disco, the Arches, Glasgow, Sat 21 Apr.

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