Health - Stereo, Glasgow, Sun 19 Apr (5 stars)

Health - Stereo, Glasgow, Sun 19 Apr

As the well-dressed masses stream into stereo tonight, it might be easy to write Health off as perhaps just a fashionable mess. A behemoth of 'noise-rock' and horrifically dirty electro, Health give the impression - along with their general style and 'ultra-cool' t-shirts - that there is something strangely cool about liking this band. That being said, all possible preconceptions are forcefully ejected from one's mind like a shotgun blast as Health induce an immediately brutal and unforgiving noise with their entrance, and proceed to lay waste to the basement crowd.

Within seconds, all four members convulse and hammer at their instruments with an intensity bordering on attempted murder, constantly shifting across the stage, changing instruments and most importantly, utilizing every part of their weapons-grade electronic arsenal to alter, twist and mangle every strum, blast and scream. You could try and pick out your favourite song from this brilliantly destructive cacophony but that doesn't seem to be the point here tonight - though 'Crimewave' would be a highlight. The brilliance and excitement lies more in the band's flawless execution of the set as a whole, down to every last pause, guttural noise, haunting melody and tribal rhythm. A truly devastating performance.

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