Exposure: Miss The Occupier

Exposure: Miss The Occupier

Miss The Occupier - The Heart is Deceitful (Above All Things)

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‘Indie punk-rock may never have been so glamorous’ proclaims Miss The Occupier’s MySpace site, and who’s to disagree? This female-fronted trio from Glasgow is headed by an electrifying pink bob that’s sure to add an aura of glamour to any occasion. Their music however, is more grimy and grungy than glitzy, with spiky rhythms and a healthy dose of alternative crunch. With an upcoming slot at the Hinterland on the books, vocalist and bass guitarist Roz Davies filled us in on the world of Miss The Occupier.

The pink hair stands out from the crowd. Is that reflective of your personality?
Ha! Not sure. I like bright colours and warm colours - pinks, purples - and I find that it cheers me up to see it in the mirror!

A lot of people won't have heard of you. Do you enjoy being on the fringes of the mainstream or do you harbour wishes to take on the world and be mega-famous?
Well, I suppose it's not unusual to want to get more exposure, to let more people hear what we're doing and see if they like it. We've been around for a few years now, and it's still exciting for us, so whilst we're quite happy playing the gigs we get offered now, I think there is certainly a slight yearning in us all to be given the opportunity to play bigger venues and to as many people as possible. So yeah, world domination, please!

Is the Hinterland Festival the biggest event you've been part of so far?
It's probably the biggest event we've been involved with in Glasgow, though we've played a few Ladyfest festivals in England, the last one being Manchester last year. They vary in size, but there was one in Newcastle a few years back that was pretty big. We love doing these festivals, they open us up to a wider audience and we also get to see the other bands playing!

And who are you especially looking to check out?
Definitely The Fall, Sons and Daughters and Manda Rin. We supported the Fall a while back in Aberdeen and it was great, so we’re looking forward to seeing them again. I'm also really excited about seeing Punch & The Apostles and Remember Remember.

If you could liken Miss The Occupier to any one band, who would it be? Or is this impossible…?
I think it's really difficult to pin down one influence or sound. I like the way Karen O [of Yeah Yeah Yeahs] performs, she's so energetic and passionate on stage. We get a lot of comparisons to Sonic Youth because of Magnus' guitar work too.

What's it like being a female singer in a rock band? Do you get many drunken men ogling you from the bar, and how do you deal with it?
I love singing in a band. I love live performance; it's always a welcome break from day-to-day life. There are more women on the scene in Glasgow now, and to me that's great. As for drunken oglers...well, I'm sure they'd do that whether I was on stage or not!


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