Iron Maiden film takes off

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  • 21 April 2009
Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden film takes off

Iron Maiden members Bruce Dickinson, Janick Gers, Adrian Smith and Nicko McBrain attended the premiere of their documentary film 'Iron Maiden: Flight 666' in London last night (20.04.09)

'Iron Maiden Day' was launched with the premiere of the band's new documentary in London last night (20.04.09).

Band members Bruce Dickinson, Janick Gers, Adrian Smith and Nicko McBrain were greeted by fans at the launch of 'Iron Maiden: Flight 666', which follows the group's groundbreaking 2008 tour.

The film - which shows the band chartering their own private jet, flown by lead singer Bruce, for the concerts - will be simultaneously launched at over 450 screens in 41 countries today (21.04.09). Many cinemas will show the film for one night only.

Guitarist Adrian said: "I think it gives a great insight into touring with Iron Maiden, it's a great fly-on-the-wall experience. And if people want us to come and play, we'll do it, that's our philosophy - we take our music out to people, whoever wants it."

The 'Somewhere Back in Time' tour included stops in South East Asia and South America, and saw the group perform in many countries for the first time.

Adrian added: "We wanted to try and place places we haven't played for a long time and we went all over the world, had a great time. I think we'll definitely try to take the plane with us in future on tours."

He also promised the film contains some comedy moments which wouldn't be out of place on legendary spoof rock documentary 'Spinal Tap'.

Adrian continued to BANG Showbiz: "Of course the tour was full of 'Spinal Tap' moments and there's a few in the film. I think anybody that's ever been in a band will realise it's pretty typical what goes on, if slightly exaggerated in 'Spinal Tap'.

"This is a feel good movie, there's no serious drama in it, it's just us on the road, and we have a good time."

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