Courtney Love launches lawsuit

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  • 21 April 2009
Courtney Love

Courtney Love launches lawsuit

Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain's widow, Courtney Love, is launching a lawsuit against fraudsters who bought a $290 million office block in the couple's names among other things

Courtney Love has accused fraudsters of buying a $290 million office block using her and Kurt Cobain's identities.

The ex-Hole singer - who revealed earlier this month she had been robbed of $45 million cash and $705 million worth of other assets which she was left when the Nirvana star committed suicide in 1994 - is to launch a civil lawsuit next week to start reclaiming the $750 million extorted by those entrusted to look after the estate.

Shocking details of the full scale of the fraud have now been released, and include dozens of credit cards being acquired, several homes and cars being purchased in the pair's names and a spa retreat.

Courtney, who has battled drug addiction, claims she didn't notice the scams because she was "too out of it".

The frauds allegedly began in 2003, but the 44-year-old rocker - who had a daughter Frances Bean, now 16, with Kurt - only uncovered the full extent of what was going on after spending $726,000 on a team of forensic accountants, investigators and lawyers. Courtney's lawyer Rhonda Holmes has previously said: "Courtney noticed the money was gone when there wasn't any left. I have never seen such greed and moral turpitude. There are many, many millions missing. We've only been able to track down $30 million, but there is more.

"There is now a web of homes which were bought, flipped and used to launder money - up to $500 million worth."

Courtney Love

Grunge rock from the frontwoman of alt. rock band Hole as she embarks on her UK tour.

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