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  • 16 April 2009
Independent Shopping Guide: 5 of the best - Record shops


Independent Shopping Guide

Underground Sol’ushun

Cockburn Street, Edinburgh
Keeping Cockburn Street’s bass a-thumping, this hip wee store peddles electronica to most of the city’s serious DJs. Also great on off-beat gifts. For DJs. That’s okay. DJs need gifts too.

Rubadub Records

Howard Street, Glasgow www.rubadub.co.uk
The staff in record shops tend not to inspire love and devotion. Fear, maybe, but not love or devotion. Rubadub’s lot, though scarily specialised in Detroit techno, also pride themselves on approachability. They’ll even let rank amateurs have a go on the listening posts.

Hog’s Head Music

Clerk Street, Edinburgh
Grungy second-hand store crammed with rareties, collectable box sets and T-shirts. There’s a great trade-in policy, too.

Monorail Music

King’s Court, Glasgow http://www.monorailmusic.com
Don’t mistake the slender couple of shelves in the back room of vegan venue Mono for a lightweight enterprise. Owner and muso Stephen Pastel has been setting Glasgow’s hipster pulse from here for years.

Missing Records

Argyle Street, Glasgow
Loved and revered in Glasgow, the Missing enterprise used to be a bit more of a chain, but everything’s now concentrated on this one hub near the Arches. Still got a brilliant selection of secondhand music and films, though.

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