Vanessa Hudgens' stunning self defence

'High School Musical' actress Vanessa Hudgens has revealed she doesn't go anywhere without her stun gun

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens' stunning self defence

Vanessa Hudgens always carries a Taser.

The 'High School Musical' actress is so afraid she could be attacked she can't bear to be parted from her stun gun, a weapon that uses an electrical current to disrupt muscle control.

The 20-year-old beauty said: "I keep it for self-defence. I'm moving into a house by myself, and it's scary."

Last year, Vanessa was left terrified after a man in his 40s lunged at her and cut her face.

She said: "There was a guy who was walking down a street in London and I think he was a little drunk. He was blocking the door so my bodyguard had to push him aside.

"I got hit in the face. I looked in the mirror and got a huge scratch and I was bleeding."

Vanessa, who is dating her 'High School Musical' co-star Zac Efron, also revealed she doesn't like wearing make-up and prefers to rely on her natural good looks.

She told Self magazine: "Sometimes I feel prettier without make-up. I take it off and I'm like, 'Oh, there I am!' "


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