Jack Tweed's 'lenient' sentence

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  • 15 April 2009
Jack Tweed

Jack Tweed's 'lenient' sentence

Jack Tweed has been accused to using the death of his wife Jade Goody to secure a lenient prison sentence by the taxi driver he assaulted

Jack Tweed's 12-week jail sentence is too lenient, according to the taxi driver he assaulted.

Stephen Wilkins is furious at the prison term handed to Jack - widower of reality TV star Jade Goody - yesterday (14.04.09), insisting he has been treated favourably because of his celebrity.

Stephen said: "If he had been Joe Bloggs, he would have got what he deserved. But because of who he is and who he married, he got off lightly.

"But I'm just an ordinary guy. Does it matter what I think? Obviously not."

Jack - who is expected to be released in six weeks - was in Stephen's taxi with three friends in May last year when an argument broke out over the fare.

He is said to have threatened to stab the driver, grabbed him round the throat and pulled the moving car's handbreak, making it spin dangerously in the road.

At the time of the incident, Jack was on bail for assaulting a 16-year-old boy with a golf club. He was later jailed for 18-months for that assault and spent four months in prison before being released in January on electronic monitoring and given a curfew.

Stephen added: "He could have killed four people and all he gets is a few weeks.

"It's absolutely ridiculous. Why hasn't he got what anyone else would get for attacking a boy with a golf club and then nearly killing me?

"I still have nightmares about that night. He has never apologised. He was like an animal. He knows exactly what he did and he should have been punished for it."

However, Jack's family and lawyers insist he was treated harshly by magistrates because of his fame.

Solicitor George Kampanella: "The family are devastated and feel Jack has been treated more severely because of who he is. We are considering an appeal."

Magistrates in Harlow, Essex, told Jack they were contemplating jailing him for 18 weeks, but decided to hand down a lesser sentence after taking into account his personal circumstances after Jade's death last month.

Jack was also ordered to pay £455 court costs and £200 compensation to Stephen.

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