Lindsay Lohan makes love appeal

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  • 15 April 2009
Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan makes love appeal

Lindsay Lohan has starred in a spoof dating clip which sees her desperate to find love again

Lindsay Lohan has poked fun at her tumultuous love life in a new video.

The 'Mean Girls' actress - who recently split from her DJ girlfriend Samantha Ronson - features in a spoof dating clip, where she tells viewers she is desperate to settle down.

Referring to her on/off relationship with Samantha and her conviction for driving under the influence (DUI), Lindsay says: "Hi, my name is Lindsay and I'm searching for love. I'm recently single - I think - and I'm looking for someone who I can spend the rest of my life with, or at least the rest of my probation."

The 22-year-old star goes on to make fun of the public's obsession with her private life - she has previously dated Aaron Carter and British model Calum Best and was forced to confirm her relationship with Samantha last year following months of speculation - and of her reputation as a party girl.

She says in the clip posted on comic website "I'm an actress, a singer, an entrepreneur and I have single-handedly kept 90 per cent of all gossip websites in business.

"I would define my personality as creative, I'm a bit of a night owl, I'm a workaholic, a shopaholic and according to the state of California an alcoholic as well as a threat to all security guards, if they work in hotels. To put all those rumours to rest I am not broke. I actually have over $400 in the bank."

Lindsay then refers to her split from Samantha. Days after the pair broke up it was claimed Samantha's mother and sister visited a police station to get a restraining order against Lindsay, a report Samantha has since denied.

Lindsay deadpans: "I'm looking for a compatible mate who likes a night out on the town - as long as he or she is driving of course - likes ankle-monitoring bracelets and doesn't have family members quick to issue restraining orders.

"So if you think you can handle a redhead with a little bit of sass, and by that I mean a red-head that's totally crazy - I mean don't pretend like you don't know about me, we've all read about it - will crash a few partiers, a car or two but at the end of the day I promise I never lose my Google hits - just my underwear."

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