Also Released - 5 History Books

  • The List
  • 16 April 2009

Robert Wallace & H Keith Melton with Henry Robert Schlesinger Spycraft One of these guys is a former director of the CIA, so this look at the organisation’s top gadgets should be on the money. Bantam.

Max Arthur The Real Band of Brothers Subtitled ‘First Hand Accounts from the Last British Survivors of the Spanish Civil War’. Collins.

Richard Vinen Thatcher’s Britain Thirty years on from the Iron Lady’s march into power, this is a colourful account of an era which, depending on who you speak to, was either glorious or gruesome. Simon & Schuster.

Kenan Malik From Fatwa to Jihad The Salman Rushdie affair and its effect on relations between the West and Middle East, 20 years after the controversial publication of The Satanic Verses. Atlantic.

Juliet Gardiner Sitting on a Jigsaw A fresh perspective on Britain in the 1930s: deep recession, wide unemployment and international tensions. Sound familiar? HarperPress.

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