Ben Moor - More Trees to Climb (3 stars)

Ben Moor - More Trees to Climb

Comedy and theatre writer Ben Moor isn’t cool. He can’t be described as edgy, cutting or, even on the flipside, geek chic. Too wholesome to be indie, and too intellectual for personal whimsy, Moor’s seemingly fad-free short stories shun the fripperies of comic fashion, opting instead for solid-soled storytelling. And what we get are dad jokes. Originally penned as a theatrical piece, Moor’s warm stories are steeped in nerve-wracking puns, literalisms and wordplays, but the written prose longs for a timely delivery, and like corduroys on a dance floor, the loving jokes sadly jar.

With his unerring interest in the idiosyncrasies of the English language, Moor toils through three topsy-turvy fables: a love story set against the backdrop of competitive tree climbing, a meta-fiction starring a biographer with writer’s block, and a sci-fi travelogue about tightrope walking and particle physics. This is a sweet, wise and at times touching set of chronicles, but they’re perhaps best kept for the stage.


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