It’s been a busy couple of years for Volume as they head for their second birthday celebrations. As one of the first nights to bring dubstep to Scotland their pioneering penchant for pushing new music has been a welcome education for the capital’s club kids. Inevitably, the dubstep sound started to change, courting elements of techno, house, hip hop and electronica, as new producers set upon it with their own arsenal of interpretation, unleashing the genre’s true potential. Currently riding this wave of audio contortion are Akira Kiteshi, a Scottish production outfit whose menacing, glitchy, electro epic ‘Pinball’ has been picked up by N-type, Flying Lotus and Mary-Anne Hobbs among others.

‘I just bashed “Pinball” together in about two days as a B-side filler,’ explains Tommy Forrest, the man behind the name. ‘N-Type heard it and got in touch asking if he could cut a plate of it. I think that was a huge help in getting the track heard by a lot of people.’ The track’s popularity may have been a surprise, but Forrest has certainly put in the ground work, ‘I started off experimenting with sampling, trackers and building my own synths. I like taking ideas that I’ve written for different genres of music and trying to fuse them together into something new.’ It’s a formula well suited to the current landscape, a point not missed on Forrest: ‘Dubstep is going through some amazing changes at the moment, so hopefully I’ll take influences from all of them and make something that has the Akira Kiteshi sound.’

The Bongo Club, Edinburgh, Fri 24 Apr


The dubstep night celebrates the Edinburgh Festival with a special free party of quality dubstep, bassline, jungle, grime and electro.


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