Hardcore Heaven Weekender 09 Launch Party

Joey Riot

Joey Riot

Doing exactly what it says on the tin as the heads at Twisted & Brainfire warm up for the Hardcore Heaven party in Southport (Pontins Holiday Centre, 15-17 May) with a deadly line-up including Lethal Theory, Scott Brown, The Masochist, Dr Z-Vago, Dougal, DJ Kurt, Bass Generator, Rob Da Rhythm, Joey Riot (pictured), Smurf and more.

QMU, Glasgow, Sat 25 Apr.

Hardcore Heaven Weekender 2011 Launch Party

In advance of the massive hardcore-lovers' party in Southport, Glasgow's Twisted & Brainfire and Darkside vs Impact nights get some practice in. Featuring Re-Con, The Genesis Projection, MC Storm and Joey Riot.

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