Cloudberry Records Night (3 stars)

Cloudberry Records Night

The Cloudberry Records label may be based in Miami, but there is an undeniably Glaswegian influence on the roster of bands on the bill at this jangly guitar showcase. The Catalysts, in the bronze medal position on the line-up podium, are musical gold medallists with a superb brand of that seems to be the result of a successful chemical reaction between Teenage Fanclub and the Trashcan Sinatras.

The Occasional Flickers are next up, and although ‘December in Athens’ has enough soothing melodies to keep Fleet Foxes stocked for months, they pursue a more Belle & Sebastian route, with a pleasantly ramshackle and slightly off-kilter sound complete with gentle boy-girl vocals, the occasional trumpet and some surprisingly ferocious drumming.

The Felt Tips pursued the B&S line of enquiry further, but instead of using the latter’s deft lyrical nods to repressed awkward sexuality, the Tips go for all-too literal blow-by-blow (ahem) accounts of sexual inadequacy, leading to, perhaps appropriately, a disappointing anti-climax.

Captain’s Rest, Glasgow, Thu Apr 2

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