Emma Curran (3 stars)

Emma Curran

‘This isn’t quite Madison Square Garden,’ jokes Glasgow lass Emma Curran, ‘but it makes a nice change.’ She isn’t joking either; Curran is every X-Factor competitor’s dream, an ordinary girl who travelled to the New York venue to see Snow Patrol, waved about a banner declaring how far she’d travelled for the experience and was duly invited up on stage to sing with Gary Lightbody. Having repeated the same guest appearance back home, she’s become a tabloid darling.

She’s also, it seems, a contender for pop stardom in her own right. Glasgow impresario John McLaughlin has taken Curran under his wing, while Eugene Kelly and Frances Macdonald have reportedly been roped in to provide tracks.

Following in the footsteps of countrywomen KT Tunstall, Amy Macdonald and Sandi Thom, she’s a personable host and singer with popular appeal, albeit with a bit to learn in terms of truly grabbing a crowd’s attention. Still, her ‘most personal’ song, ‘Here’s Where I Get Off’ and a cover of Gary Lightbody and Lisa Hannigan’s ‘Some Surprise’ demonstrate a naturally skilled voice.

The Mill at Oran Mor, Glasgow, Wed 25 Mar

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