Exposure: Ingested

Exposure: Ingested

If you’re finding metal just isn’t doing it for you any more, why not delve into the brutal world of death metal, a hardcore body blow of sound accompanied by guttural vocals? This fortnight there’s a bumper bill of extreme noise with Manchester’s Ingested heading a line-up of Dyscarnate, Neuroma, Cerebral Bore, Nurrus Kor and BoneSaw.

How did Ingested get started?
Sean Hynes (guitar): ‘We started as Age of Suffering but changed our style when we got a new drummer. We ended up scrapping all the material and changing our name in 2006. We’ve been Ingested ever since.’

What’s the difference between metal and death metal?
‘Faster drums; it incorporates a beat called the blast beat. It’s often lower tuned and it’s much faster. And also the vocals are as low as you can go.’

What attracted you to death metal over rock and metal?
Lyn Jeffs [drums]: ‘Slipknot, without a doubt. As a kid you kinda listen to bands like Limp Bizkit then as soon as Slipknot came along that led to Slayer, Pantera and heavier and heavier stuff until we ended up where we are now.’

Do you feel the mainstream press ignores the skill involved?
‘Death metal is complex – the speed of it, how technical it is and the way it’s structured. It’s interesting music.’

Is death metal an acquired taste?
‘Definitely, we can’t win them all. Sometimes you’re fighting an uphill battle but if you’ve got passion and love for the music you keep on doing it.’

What can we expect from your headlining show?
‘Ferocious noise. We’re a very ferocious band, very in your face.

Ingested play the GRV, Edinburgh, Sun 26 Apr.

Ingested, Dyscarnate, Neuroma, Cerebral Bore, Nurrus Kor and BoneSaw

Seriously brutal night of death metal from GBH Promotions in association with Zero Tolerance.

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