Everyone’s favourite LA-based noiseniks Health are back, with a brand new record under their belts. More frenzied death riffs, beast-like shrieks and start-stop thundering drums then? Well, yes and no. We catch up with bassist John Famiglietti, fresh from storming the stages of the SXSW festival, and he can’t wait to tell The List all about their latest sonic adventures.

So far we’ve heard awesome single ‘Die Slow’; a heavily distorted ghostly disco track, and, by God, it’s almost danceable. What’s going on? ‘Well, we wrote it after playing around with some new toys,’ says Famiglietti. ‘We’re always trying to find a new sound or concept and really do something special and different. That’s the case on this record anyway – these songs are all about us trying to expand our musical vocabulary.’

With album number two in the bag and a release date set for late summer, Famiglietti is now keen to get on with his favourite of all band tasks: gigging till he drops. ‘We are dying for people to hear this new material and to be honest we prefer touring records to making them.’

But are Health at all worried that punters will be shocked by their latest musical experiments when they unleash them at this forthcoming Glasgow date? ‘Oh no, we’re excited if anything. I never worry about disappointing our fans because they know us for being extremely varied song-wise. People tend to be pretty open-minded when it comes to us anyway,’ he chuckles, ‘because, well, they’ve got to be.’

Stereo, Glasgow, Sun 19 Apr

Health, Prayer Rug and Mr Peppermint

Electro noise rock from California.

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