Boneless Box (4 stars)

Boneless Box

Naming their inaugural show at this new gallery space after one of KFC’s advertising campaigns, the curators of Boneless Box have opened their doors to all that is finger lickin’ and artificial. Things start sweetly with Debjani Banerjee’s miniscule origami and MDF sculpture ‘Put Your Shoes Away’. Next, Craig Coulthard’s ‘Untitled (Ongoing Project)’ of crude paintings of world leaders has no place outside a sixth form art class and Shona Handley’s locust in flagrante film ‘The Kiss’, set to choral music, is arch at best. Luckily, Glasgow-based Dadaists Beagles and Ramsey’s ‘72 Blows to Babylon Babys Head 1995-2009’ is a mind-boggling scrap wall of A4 insurrection, equal part adolescent dream and nightmare.

Moving from the anarchic to the sublime, Sandy Christie and Emily Fogarty’s downward spiral wind chime ‘Gun Tree’ features fat fabric guns and clips hanging from a white metal frame: who says craft can’t kill? Steve Ovett’s photo montage film ‘Away Tae Fuck’ gives The Joy of Sex a welcome pop art twist. Elsewhere there’s plenty to make any art lover seek out this out-of-the-way gallery. Katie Orton’s ‘Waitress’ and Jonathan Hood’s ‘Ginger Beer Mat’ give conceptual laziness a bad name, but on the whole this is a fine show. Best of all, Neil Mulholland’s fascinating newsprint collage ‘Nessun Titulo (Bienvenuto)’ and Keith Farquhar’s room dominating four piece Verushka-inspired ‘Body Painting’ give Boneless Box some gristle and rump.

Embassy, Art’s Complex, Edinburgh until Sun 26 Apr

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