Exposure: Holy Mountain

Exposure: Holy Mountain

Holy Mountain - Field Day

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Armed to the teeth with an arsenal of sludgy heavy grooves, down-tuned blues riffage and an unrelenting penchant for improvised noise, Glasgow duo Holy Mountain are an intriguing prospect in this time of continuous heavy metal/hardcore regurgitation. With live sets consisting primarily of improvised jams coupled with performances that can rarely be contained on stage and more often than not spill out into all corners and confines, Holy Mountain are unpredictable to say the least. However, in an attempt to shed a bit more light of this two-headed beast, here's guitarist Andy McGlone and drummer Pete Flett.

How did Holy Mountain come into being? Were either of you in bands before?
Andy: I used to play axe in a band called Torqamada and Pete plays bass in Dead or American. I still play axe in two other bands, but i met Pete through members of Torqamada. I basically had an idea for a two-piece and needed a drummer, met Pete randomly in the pub one night and the next day we were rehearsing. Ee booked our first gig after one rehearsal. That was in January.

If you could, how would you describe the sound you create together?
Andy: "Like water, always flowing" - Bruce Lee. And loud as fuck.

Pete: A lot of people refer to us as a metal band, or a noise band, but we don't like the negative associations that can come with those genres. We try and make our music and shows about positivity. We're really just a rock and roll band.

There seems to be a prominent bluesy backbone underneath the noise, conjuring the old-school heaviness of the likes of Black Sabbath, but what other sounds and artists influence or inspire you?

Pete: We draw on a range of different influences from Lightning Bolt to Converge, but Andy seems to think he's from the 70's.

Andy: People often confuse me with a white Jimi Hendrix. I am also heavily influenced by Mad Max, alcohol and KISS.

When you play live, what do you hope people's reactions will be, or don't really care?

Pete: I personally like it when we're playing and people are making a face like they're trying to do long-division in their head.

Andy: I don't really care that much or notice, but the crowd really shit their pants sometimes when i run into them with my 50ft guitar lead. I like to go for walks.

What has been your favourite/worst gig so far?

Pete: All of our gigs have been our best, and in some ways all have been our worst. That's one of the things that comes with being an improv band.

Andy: We always seem to come off and feel really excited and satisfied, but at the same time aware that there is so much more we are capable of. At one gig I made it onto the middle of the street still playing. That was awesome.

Do you have any plans for releases in the near-future? Are there any plans to tour?

Pete: We are currently working on stuff to release, hopefully as a free download with the option to pay for a DVD version. We've been talking to local DIY label Winning Sperm Party who seem really into the idea.

Andy: I want to tour this year as much as possible, and get a name for ourselves. We will pretty much play any gig anywhere just now - we are really still finding ourselves - but every gig gets better and better.

Holy Mountain play Captain's Rest with Throats on May 12th


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