Exposure: Sucioperro

Exposure: Sucioperro

Sucioperro - Don't Change (What You Can't Understand)

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Say hello to Sucioperro, if their exotic sounding name hasn’t crossed your path already. They’re the next band to follow in the Ayrshire footsteps left by the inimitable Biffy Clyro, which certainly ain’t an easy thing to do. Borrowing Biffy’s crashing alternative bite and chucking their own Sucio-spin on it, if there’s any justice in this world then this trio are surely destined for great things. Throw in some progressive dalliances too and you’ve got a wholly interesting rock act to wrap your ears around. Vocalist and guitar thrasher JP Reid shared a few words about his band and their upcoming Hinterland appearance.

How would you describe your band's sound in three words?
Melodic, intense and exciting.

For people who haven't heard much of Sucioperro, why should they listen to you?
Because we’re true to who we are and we try to convey that in the music and lyrics. It’s so important to me that people connect with us and can maybe identify a part of themselves in the lyrics or even just rock out to the riffs. This band means everything to me and is a huge part of who I am. Although we’re primarily a rock band I try to write first a great song and then we 'Sucio' it and put all of our personalities into it and it becomes something only we can do. We try to make music that we’d love to listen to - although I must add that we don’t spend our time listening to our own tunes constantly.

In what environment is your music most enjoyably listened to?
I guess it’s best to see us performing our songs live as every night is different and we really try to connect with the audience and adapt to the situation and improvise. We don’t have it all totally worked out, choreographed and drilled, although we do practise hard. When we rock out it’s because we mean it and are feeling that moment.

Ayrshire has proved to be fertile ground for Scottish rock bands, what with Biffy Clyro too. How has your time in Ayr moulded you as a band and as musicians?

For me, growing up in Ayr has completely shaped who I am, and I try to be honest in my lyrics and songs and 'keep it real'. In fact I often finish off a song or lyrics in my head as I’m walking over to my family home on the streets I grew up on. At home, family and friends are everything to me and although I love travelling with the band, I could never see myself living anywhere else for any more than a few months.

With Sucioperro, Biffy Clyro and Marmaduke Duke etc emerging from Scotland, do you think this is promising times for the Scottish rock scene?

Absolutely, there’s a lot of really great stuff coming out of Scotland at the moment, including Twin Atlantic, The Xcerts, The Darien Venture and of course Sucioperro and Marmaduke Duke. We’re really proud to be a Scottish band and although we don’t see ourselves as part of any scene we’re proud to be counted as one of the most popular Scottish bands around at the moment.

Are you excited about playing Hinterland?
Very much so. It’s really flattering to be asked to be a part of the first one and we haven't played Glasgow since December so we’re really excited to be back promoting our new record Pain Agency. We’ll be playing some songs for the first time from that record to our Glasgow audience so we really can’t wait. Plus, we have a great support band in Brigade too.

What other bands on the bill are you wanting to check out at Hinterland?
Brigade, The Xcerts, Galchen, Desalvo, The Fall and many more. We have a gig in Liverpool the following night so unfortunately we can’t check out everyone but we know it’s gonna be a great festival.


Sucioperro play 27 Apr at The Tunnels, Aberdeen; 28 Apr at The Doghouse, Dundee; 29 Apr at Mad Hatters, Inverness; 30 Apr at The Hinterland Festival, Glasgow; 8 May at Studio 24, Edinburgh.


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