Exposure: Geordi La Force

Exposure: Geordi La Force

Geordi La Force - Triangle Tits

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Mixing intense, glitchy electronics with lush ambient atmospheres, mind-bending guitar shredding and a plethora of ridiculous song titles ('The Dog That Couldn't Piss'), Glasgow's Geordi La Force is one of the more interesting acts to crop up in recent times. After a full-length record, several short EP's and demos and a handful of successful shows, this combination of one man and his laptop is setting up shop in Japan to focus on his various musical endeavours, including latest project Dissident Genro. However, before relocating, Geordi La Force will be at Hinterland at the end of the month to turn a few heads and wreck a few ears before he goes. Here's the human component of GLF, Rimu, with a few words on this most interesting creation.

How did Geordi La Force come to be?
Geordi La Force was the result of several unhappy experiences with bands I worked with in the past. I was dismayed with the petty, jealous attitudes displayed by other bands as well as within my own. It didn't fit with my belief that music should have no boundaries or limitations and I felt a lot of people were just in the band for this 'instant success' or 'fame' - so i decided to go solo.

What inspired this particular project?
I was generally inspired by the most technical music i was listening to at the time, so underground technical bands like Martyr or Cynic. Jazz fusion pioneers like Allan Holdsworth and Chick Corea were also massive influences on the project and helped craft the sound of Geordi La Force over time.

What acts or events have had a real impact on you creatively?
When i played the DIY Summerfest in 2007 I had the privilege of witnessing a band called Meet Me In St Louis play. I have honestly never seen a live band with so much energy and original music - it blew me away! I also think seeing Mono play back in 2003 and 2004 in London pretty much convinced me I should be writing more instrumental music.

Relying so heavily on a computer, have you encountered any particularly exciting technical hitches, or has everything been fairly functional so far?
I honestly hate thinking about the amount of technical problems you can have with the computer. At the end of the day, my live show isn't as complex as it seems but it doesn't detract from the fact that the sound could cut off randomly for no reason during a set and it's pretty hit or miss with the mix on the night...which could be disastrous. But to be honest with you i have personally made more mistakes than the machine!

What would you like people to take away from one of your live performances?
That the live show sounds like a full band. Pretty much everyone i've played to says it sounds like a full band is playing on stage if you weren't looking.
Other than that, well, i just hope people like it of course and don't prejudge it before listening to it properly. Sadly i've had some people who haven't listened to the music and just call me an "Electronic act like Aphex Twin or Squarepusher".

What do you enjoy most about making music? Do prefer to play live?
To be honest, playing shows is the only part of it i really enjoy and one of the few things in life i truly enjoy, so if someone honestly turned around to me and said "You're going to play everyday for the rest of your life with NO rest but it will at some point kill you", hell...i think that is a pretty good deal.

Geordi La Force play at this year's Hinterland festival in Glasgow on April 30th



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