Exposure: It Hugs Back

Exposure: It Hugs Back

It Hugs Back hail from Kent, and will soon serve Glasgow some of their self-described 'soft-centered dream pop'. After touring with artists like Scout Niblett, Monade and New Pornographers, this tender-hearted foursome will now share the bill with Canadian electro-wizzes Holy Fuck. Guitarist and vocalist Matt gives The List the lowdown.

How did you and your cohorts get together?

We first met a school many years ago now, stayed friends and started this band after finishing school and before starting university, getting to play a few songs I’d written over that summer and it's just kept on going - which has be nice!

What's been your band's best moment to date?

So far, finishing our first album is the first that comes to mind. We recorded and mixed it ourselves in our own small studio and I spent a fair number of hours in there wondering 'How it will ever feel finished?' But it then it did - and I’m very happy with it.

What do you listen to together, say on the road?

We listen to a lot on our travels up and down the country. I guess Wilco are always a favourite in the van along with, lately, some Steely Dan, Sam Prekop, Deerhunter & Deerhoof.

Last record you bought?

The last record I bought was two days ago and it was Qui by The Sea & Cake.

What to expect at the Scotland gig?

We’ll have been in tour playing pretty much every day for a month by the time we get to Scotland. We’ll be on fire I like to think, or be tired, but I’m going with the first one. It’ll be good. It's at the Oran Mor and that is a very lovely place to play.

It Hugs Back play Oran Mor with H**y Fuck at in Glasgow on May 11.


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