Jo Wood's love hunt

Ronnie Wood's estranged wife Jo Wood is looking for "the right man" after the Rolling Stones rocker left her for an 18-year-old waitress

Jo Wood

Jo Wood is looking for love

Jo Wood is looking for love.

The former model - who was married to Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood for 23 years before he left her for 18-year-old Russian waitress Ekaterina Ivanova last year - is enjoying her new party lifestyle and hopes to meet a new man.

Her son Jamie said: "Mum's had a new lease of life. It was hard at first when Dad went, but every cloud has a silver lining. She's free and now she's trying to spread her message. And she has so much energy - she's amazing. We can't keep up with her. She's out all the time."

The 53-year-old - who raised three children Jamie, Leah and Tyrone with estranged husband Ronnie - replied: "Well, what do you want me to do? Sit at home and knit booties? I don't think so. How am I going to meet the right man if I'm not out and about?"

Meanwhile the grandmother-of-five has dispelled rumours she is dating Jonny Elichaoff, who has recently split from his British TV presenter wife Trinny Woodall.

She told The Times Style magazine: "It's a load of rubbish, and anyway, he's in love with his wife. I met him at dinner and he talked about Trinny the whole time."


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