Prodigy avoid TV

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  • 5 April 2009

Prodigy avoid TV

The Prodigy don't want to play live on TV because they think it's too restrictive

The Prodigy have vowed never to perform on TV.

The dance music group's leader Liam Howlett doesn't think the atmosphere of a studio recorded show suits his band's spontaneous style of performance.

He said: "We'll never perform on TV - that's just watering it down."

His bandmate, vocalist Maxim Reality, added: "TV's not real to us. Being in front of 250 people cordoned into a studio, told where to dance - it's not a real performance."

Keith Flint, 40, the band's other vocalist, explained the audience is an integral part of Prodigy's live experience, and helps turn their shows into an "explosion".

He said: "We suck off the crowd and spit it back. They ignite and we're the fuel, but they're also the fuel. Together we're volatile, and then there's an explosion."

The 'Omen' ravers added they don't think they're too old to be creating and performing energetic dance music.

Liam, 37, added: "We don't think about getting old. We aren't now, and that's good enough for me."

Maxim, 42, said: "From our very first show we've always lived for the moment. It's either being with these guys or being at home."

Prodigy's latest album, 'Invaders Must Die', is available now.

The Prodigy

Veteran techno rockers, renowned for their blistering live shows and single 'Firestarter'.

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