Gym hater Reese Witherspoon

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 5 April 2009
Reese Witherspoon

Gym hater Reese Witherspoon

'Monsters vs. Aliens' actress Reese Witherspoon will only exercise if she has to get in shape for a movie role

Reese Witherspoon hates going to the gym.

The Oscar-winning actress, who is famed for her slender figure, loathes working out but will reluctantly exercise if a film role requires it.

She is quoted as saying: "If I never had to see the inside of a gym again, I'd be a very happy person. Even the idea of it, I hate. There's people who love it and it's just their thing. I can do it, and I can do it for my job because I'm really lucky to get this job and have a job so I will do it. But it's not my first choice of morning activity."

Although she has no desire to exercise, the mother-of-two recently revealed she wants to star in a high-octane adventure film.

Reese said: "I would like to do an action movie. I love to watch Angelina Jolie in movies like 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith'.

"I think movies where women have great strength and the character is interesting. I'm dying to do one."