Depeche Mode get clear direction

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  • 4 April 2009
Dave Gahan

Depeche Mode singer Dave Gahan

Depeche Mode songwriter Martin Gore gave up drinking and instead became a "synthaholic" when writing the group's new album

Depeche Mode musician Martin Gore became a "synthaholic" when creating the group's new album.

The multi-instrumentalist swapped drinking for obsessively buying keyboards to work on upcoming LP, 'Sounds of the Universe', and admits it had a profound effect on his output as the band's chief songwriter.

Band member Andy Fletcher, 47, said: "We got very excited whenever a new instrument arrived. Martin turned into a synthaholic!"

Gore, 47, added: "It's hard to say if it was subconscious but I started buying all this stuff. All these packages were turning up and they helped to shape the album a lot. The sounds are unique and almost retro space age."

Gore feels like a new man since he quit alcohol and admits it was taking over his life.

He exaplined: "Stopping has made me quite a different person and definitely helped make me more prolific.

"Drinking just stopped being fun. When you spend more time feeling terrible than actually enjoying it, it's time to give up."

Lead singer Dave Gahan - who has been clean of drugs and drink for 13 years - said despite the album's dark sound, the group had a great time making it.

He said: "This album is not an easy listen but it's a complete album and was fun to make. Martin was amazing. He's taken a different path, stopped his partying and was a joy to work with.

"I've never seen him work so hard. I felt like we were on the same page at last."

'Sounds of the Universe' is released on April 20.

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