Frightened Rabbit - The Captain's Rest, Glasgow, 31 Mar 2009 (5 stars)

Frightened Rabbit - The Captain's Rest, Glasgow

The tiny basement of The Captain's Rest is easy enough to fill on any other night, but it was to be expected that tonight its capacity would be challenged, to say the least, in the event of Frightened Rabbit's much anticipated return to the city. Kicking off the second of two acoustic shows tonight, an impressively storming performance by recent Exposure act Ross Clark And The Scarves Go Missing warms up the already teeming masses with a raucous blend of folk 'n roll and pitch-perfect harmony, before tonight's headliners take to the stage to a hero's welcome.

Despite being billed as an acoustic set, the volume of tonight's performance doesn't suffer in the slightest as the crowd join an instantly sweaty and consistently passionate Frightened Rabbit in a rowdy rendition of the band's entire set, hushing only for an even more stripped down version of Poke - which sees Ross Clark join singer Scott Hutchison as they perform sans microphone, in the middle of an adoring yet respectful crowd. From opener My Backwards Walk, to the obviously anticipated football-like chants of set-closer Keep Yourself Warm - introduced with an encouraging command to 'let's get our swearin' on!' - tonight sees an incredibly charming and confident display from a band with everything at their feet and this audience, amongst others, in the palm of their hand.

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