Alien Return - Alien Wars

  • The List
  • 2 April 2009

The Arches has announced an extension of their successful Alien Wars shows, which sees its run extended until Sun 30 Aug due to popular demand. The pop-cult show has already terrified 25,000 visitors since it opened its doors last year. A bit of pop knowledge for Alien fans: Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos launched his ‘showbiz’ career when he was cast as an alien in the 1992 version of the Alien Wars show at the Arches.

Alien Apocalypse: The Final Encounter

Terrifying total reality experience returns to its spiritual home at The Arches. The experience originally opened in 1992 and returned in 2009 in an updated version. Now updated again taking inspiration from the recent Prometheus film, there are utterly bone-shaking frights at every twist and turn in the creepy bowels of…

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