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  • 2 April 2009

The things making our world just that little bit better

Did anyone think CSI could recover from the loss of the mighty Grissom (William Petersen)? Well, the equally mercurial Laurence Fishburne has stepped into his sizeable shoes and with a few stumbles (dipping your tie in burnt corpse is not a good look on your first day) he’s looking like the perfect replacement.

Similar small screen delights can be found on that quaint televisual bolthole that is BBC2, who are screening The Wire from the very start every Monday night. Finally, all us plebs with council telly can see what the fuss is all about.

Finding your own personal bit of magic on Google Street view has become a national sport. Dave Gorman found himself http://tinyurl.com/db7jfp - although this seems too Dave Gorman to be true. More importantly, we found one of our staffer’s local lollipop man http://snipurl.com/
elivu. We expect a Fringe show and subsequent BBC4 TV series to follow imminently …

Most of all we salute the over enthusiasm of our fellow countryfolk who ignore the weather warnings and strip down to silly sunglasses and overly styled t-shirts at the first hint of a sunbeam.

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