Labels of Love - Avalanche Records Album Club

Labels of Love - Avalanche Records Album Club

Based in

Not a roster as such, but they dip into the finest indie music from around the globe, with a Scottish accent on things.

The gaffer
Kevin Buckle, owner of Avalanche Records for an impressive 25 years, ubiquitous presence on the Scottish indie scene and the man responsible for National Record Store Day, which started last year to celebrate the place of independent shops in the music industry.

Sounds like
The widest possible range of independent music, from jangling indie to epic post-rock, sweeping electronica to delicate folk.

It’s a record shop not a label, though, right?
Kind of both. Avalanche have dabbled in releasing their own records in the past, but this Album Club takes a different tack, bringing a wide range of quality indie releases to a wider audience that might not have discovered them otherwise.

How does it work exactly?
For an annual fee of £120, you sign up to receive an album a month. But it’s a lot more than that. The album is carefully chosen by the Avalanche staff, plus you’ll also get a mountain of record company and Scottish music freebies, the best local music around, a range of intriguing unreleased material from Scottish bands over the last 30 years and news of exclusive special offers and events.

Really? That’s a lot of stuff for a tenner a month
Too right. The first package in March contained an album by Canadian post-rockers Flowers of Hell, signed to Fife-based Benbecula Records, as well as a fantastic Oxjam compilation album featuring the likes of Broken Records, FOUND, James Yorkston and Eagleowl. Also chucked in were two more limited edition EPs, two seven inch singles including one by Aberfeldy and money off an Edinburgh Art College live DVD.

So where does it go from here?
The plan was to build gradually, but the initial take up has been much bigger than anticipated, with members as far afield as Beverley Hills and Ethiopia, all of whom can expect the finest rare Scottish indie money can buy.

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