Lady Sovereign - Jigsaw (3 stars)

Lady Sovereign - Jigsaw


Pony-tailed brat-camp rap star Lady Sovereign reaped copious props for her day-glo debut, Public Warning, in 2006 – not least in the States, where she was glorified by Jay-Z, Gwen Stefani and MTV. Now the UK emcee bounces back with a follow-up tussle of playground hip hop, 80s synth-pop and budget grime. Jigsaw by turns recalls Kelis (‘Bang Bang’), Tricky (‘I Got You Dancing’), Dr Alban (‘Let’s Be Mates’), and alcopop balladry (‘Jigsaw’); while current single ‘So Human’ doesn’t so much lift the Cure’s ‘Close to Me’ as lob it four-to-the-floor, and trample bubblegum braggadocio all over it.

(Midget Records)

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