Paul Clarvis & Liam Noble - Starry Starry Night (4 stars)

Paul Clarvis & Liam Noble - Starry Starry Night


A delightful duet release from percussionist Paul Clarvis and pianist Liam Noble. The premise is simple – take a set of songs, ranging from established jazz standards to contemporary material like Don MacLean’s ‘Vincent’ (the Van Gogh link is echoed in Christina Blackley’s eye-catching cover art) or Paul Simon’s ‘So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright’, and work up a series of thoughtful and inventive musical conversations that respect the material while allowing plenty of scope for imaginative improvisation.

It is not a record that grabs your attention through an in-your-face aural assault – quite the opposite is true. The music insinuates itself into your consciousness in almost understated but highly absorbing fashion. Communication, both between the two musicians and with the listener, is the keynote here. Noble spins out his melodic inventions to great effect, and Clarvis conjures up impeccably judged percussive responses.

(Village Life)

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