Enrico Rava - New York Days (4 stars)

Enrico Rava - New York Days


Italian trumpeter Enrico Rava presents a new line-up on this quintet outing, in which his protégé and regular collaborator, pianist Stefano Bollani, is joined by an American trio of saxophonist Mark Turner, bassist Larry Grenadier and drummer Paul Motian. Rava’s music has long balanced the poles of American and European jazz styles, just as his Miles-influenced approach is overlaid with a distinctive signature of his own, and that combination is again evident here.

The music is at its most ‘American’ on the up-tempo ‘Outsider’ or the loping ‘Thank You, Come Again’, but much of the rest of the album reflects a slower, more spacious, characteristically ‘European’ jazz sensibility that will be familiar to anyone who knows his work. Nine of the 11 compositions are his own, with two group improvisations completing the disc. Turner proves an effective foil in the horn department, and the rhythm section is self-recommending.

(ECM Records)

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