Paper Planes (4 stars)

Paper Planes


One part American, three parts Scottish and all parts pretty exceptional, Glasgow’s Paper Planes have struck on a great formula. New Jersey-born front woman Jennifer Paley is as photogenic as a young Chrissie Hynde and caterwauls as shrilly as Karen O. Guitarist Fraser McFadzean channels the ghostly, über-reverby trash-surf of The Cramps, while the rhythm section trade powerful low-end blows like back alley boxers trade right hooks.

The upshot runs the scuzzy gamut from the Velvet Underground through Jesus and Mary Chain and onto the Pixies. The chorus of ‘Diamond Diner’ is platinum stuff, the boys – none-too-shabby looking themselves in dapper suits – shouting raucous echoes to Paley’s jagged yelps. ‘Studio 45’ has a churning bass-heavy off-kilter refrain Kim Deal and Frank Black couldn’t have better fashioned themselves; ‘Permanent Marker’ has so many hooks you could hang your curtains with it. If this band don’t go far we’ll eat our darn hats, with a side serving of gloves and scarves for good measure.

The Admiral, Glasgow, Thu 19 Mar

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