Exposure: Unicorn Kid

Exposure: Unicorn Kid

Unicord Kid - Lion Hat

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At just 17, Leith-dwelling wonder-boy Oli Sabin, aka Unicorn Kid, has already had more than a million MySpace users tuning in to his manic brand of pop-eyed toy box techno. He played the London and Glasgow launch parties of teen TV drama Skins, and has just released his first single, ‘Lion Hat.’ All this while he’s studying for his Highers. The List puts Sabin to the test.

How did you become Unicorn Kid?
When I was 15 I started messing around with kids’ educational toys, sampling Casio keyboards and putting them through my computer. Then when I got all these MySpace hits, I started taking it more seriously. If you look at the 13–18 demographic, I suppose it taps into their interest in Gameboys and stuff. It’s cute and it’s fun to dance to.

How did the Skins connection come about?
I applied for a Skins competition, and they asked me to play the launch party. They were going to use my stuff in the programme, but they said they couldn’t find an appropriate place for it, which is quite unbelievable, really.

Are you a fan of Skins?
I liked the first and second series, but I’ve not really seen the third one. I hardly ever watch TV. I’m always on my computer.

What’s the future for Unicorn Kid?
If I got to 30 and was still doing it, it might be sad and a bit creepy. I want to go to art school. Art’s my passion.

Unicorn Kid supports Fangs at King Tut’s, Glasgow, 5 Apr; HMV Picture House, Edinburgh, Sat 11 Apr.

Fangs, Boycotts, Unicorn Kid and Findo Gask

Single launch party for local electro-glam bunch Fangs, with a quality supporting line-up. Over 14s show.

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