Colin Steele & Dave Milligan

Dave Milligan


This is the final element in Assembly Direct’s current series featuring trumpeter Colin Steele, and should be a memorable occasion. Steele’s plangent, lyrical trumpet work and Milligan’s harmonically sophisticated pianism is already a well-established combination, and the Chapel’s acoustic should bring out the best in both players.

As well as playing in Steele’s excellent quintet, Milligan (who has recently become a dad) is also currently working with the trumpeter in Edinburgh-born writer and actor Mike Maran’s My Funny Valentine, a play based on the life of Chet Baker. Again, this is familiar ground for Steele, whose earlier projects include a still occasionally revived Chet Baker Tribute with singer Cathie Rae.

They will finish an initial run of the show in the south a few days before the Rosslyn date, and hit the road again from late April through to July. Scottish audiences will have to wait until June (dates are on Mike’s website at, but Maran gave an initial indication of what to expect when they do get here.

‘Chet’s story is like Leverkuhn’s in Thomas Mann’s Dr. Faustus, and that’s what I have tried to do – rewrite Dr. Faustus, except instead of the devil and syphilis, Chet does his deal with heroin. I had great fun with Colin when we did Don Camillo, and on stage we are basically a jazz trio – piano, trumpet and narrator. And you never heard a closer trio than us!’

Rosslyn Chapel, Rosslyn, Thu 2 Apr

Colin Steele & Dave Milligan

A special collaboration between trumpeter Steele and pianist Milligan mixing jazz and folk in the unique setting of Rosslyn Chapel.

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