Henri Oguike

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Sat 31 Mar


Hearing Henri Oguike talk about music, you could almost forget he’s a choreographer. So passionate is he about sound, movement seems to take a back seat. That is until you see his work. Oguike’s choreography is full of drama, dynamism and the sheer joy of dance.

Founded in 1999, Oguike’s company has had one award after another thrown at it, his ability to give equal weight to music and dance pleasing critics and public alike. Diversity is the key to all Oguike’s programming, and his Edinburgh line-up is no exception. Little Red, a new work set to Vivaldi, the evocative solo Expression Lines performed to blues guitar, and Tiger Dancing, a piece inspired by poet William Blake with music by Steve Martland all feature.

As does Green in Blue, Oguike’s latest creation but first foray into the world of jazz. Joining the company on stage will be composer and musician, Iain Ballamy, one of the key players in new British jazz. ‘My interest in music reaches in different directions, but I think what attracted me to jazz was the use of improvisation and the varied ways you can go about structuring and building it,’ says Oguike. ‘I wanted to try and meet that with the choreography, and create a very open relationship between the dance and Iain’s music.’

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