Five Things You Might Not Know About - Phil Nichol

Phil Nichol

1. His CV reports: ‘born in Scotland and raised by wild rabbits in Canada.’ One of these statements seems to be half-true.

2. He has something of a streaker instinct. Prior to winning the if.comedy prize for his Naked Racist show, he stripped right down to his knackers when voted off the comedians’ special Weakest Link back in 2001.

3. Among his many acting roles, he was a camp showbiz reporter on the spoof Broken News, became a punk groupie in the Boy George musical Taboo and took the lead role in Stewart Lee’s stage version of Talk Radio.

4. Alongside Tiffany Stevenson, he dreamed up Old Rope, a regular night in which comics perform their set while holding on to a noose dangling above the stage, only letting go when they start telling completely new material.

5. During an appearance on the Graham Norton Show in late 2007, he took the opportunity to serenade the reunited cast of Dukes of Hazzard in song. The clothes mercifully stayed on.

The Stand, Edinburgh, Wed 8 Apr.

Phil Nichol

An evening in the frightening, brilliant company of Phil Nichol. He's won awards, he's travelled the world and he still has more energy than the whole of Europe put together.

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