Neil Landstrumm

The GRV, Edinburgh, Sat 11 Apr


In terms of Edinburgh’s electronic musical heritage Neil Landstrumm and Tobias Schmidt certainly rank in the upper echelons of the Capital’s techno innovators. And Substance have secured the talents of both Landstrumm and Schmidt and their Sugar Experiment Station partnership. ‘It’s a long standing collaboration between myself and Schmidt, we’ve been writing together since 94 and we do three or four gigs a year as Sugar Experiment Station,’ explains Landstrumm. ‘It’s an interesting project because we use analogue hardware, drum machines and synths. Sonically it’s quite interesting because it’s a variety of machines rather than just a laptop.’

They left the confines of straight techno behind them many years ago, now incorporating dubstep, electro, grime and hip hop beats into their live jams. ‘I’m not really that into the whole genre splitting thing, I just see it all as electronic rave music,’ says Landstrumm. It’s an attitude that gives them a free reign to warp beats and basslines into varied forms. SES’ next project is ‘poppier’ with the addition of more vocals. ‘It’s kinda weird, it’s quite commercial in a way, it has that heavy electronic edge but vocals opens it up to a much wider audience. It’s not cheesy, just more accessible.’

And it won’t just be Sugar Experiment Station battering down the walls of what electronica can offer at Substance this month as Tim Wright, aka Tube Jerk, will also be on hand for a live set of dubby electro-techno. A formidable live double bill.


Edinburgh's long-running underground techno party.

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