Gisele Bundchen's love child 'surprise'

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  • 31 March 2009
Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen's love child 'surprise'

Gisele Bundchen admits her budding relationship with American football star Tom Brady was rocked in 2006 when his ex-girlfriend discovered she was pregnant

Gisele Bundchen says discovering Tom Brady had a love child was a "wake up call".

The Brazilian supermodel, who married American football star Tom in February, was left reeling after Tom's ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan announced she was pregnant soon after they began dating in 2006.

She said: "It was definitely a surprise for both of us. In the beginning you're living this romantic fantasy, you're thinking, 'This can't be true, it's so good!' And then, 'Whoops - wake-up call!' "

Gisele had only been dating Tom for around two months when Bridget discovered she was pregnant and admits she considered dumping the athlete after hearing the news.

Gisele told Vanity Fair magazine: "It was a very challenging situation. Obviously, in the beginning of a relationship it's not the ideal thing.

"You question at times, 'Should I stay here? Maybe you should work this out.' But when people break up, it's for a reason."

The 28-year-old beauty is glad she decided to stay with Tom and says the rocky patch brought them even closer.

Gisele quickly bonded with Tom's son John, who is now six months old, and treats him like her own child.

She said: "I understand that he has a mom, and I respect that, but to me it's not like because somebody else delivered him, that's not my child. I feel it is, 100 per cent. I want him to have a great relationship with his mom, because that's important, but I love him the same way as if he were mine.

"All this was a blessing. It made me feel more in love with Tom, it made me realise who he was."

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