Exposure: Trapped In Kansas

Exposure: We Are Trapped In Kansas

Trapped In Kansas: Antlers

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Trapped In Kansas are an Ayr-based quartet with their eyes set on exploring territories far beyond the Coastal town they call home, with intent to display their acute melodic sensibility and complex blend of airy jazziness with truckloads of intricate guitar-work to all and sundry. Already beginning to strike a chord with lovers of atmospheric, math rock stylings, the band are looking to make the most of the coming year. For a slightly more in-depth introduction, here's guitarist Chris Ward.

So how did you all meet/form the band?
We all met while staying at student halls in Ayr - we all study commercial music at UWS. I guess the band happened through a mutual desire to play interesting music, do some gigs and have a laugh, we never really thought beyond that and still don't really.

What inspired the name? Is it because you are big fans of the wizard of Oz?
The name came about after a conversation between myself and Finn (Guitar, Vocals) on the worst things we could ever imagine. Finn jokingly said he'd hate to be trapped in Kansas, because when he was younger he travelled around America and thought Kansas was the worst and most depressing state, with endless fields of nothing so he'd hate to ever be stuck there.

If you could, how would you personally describe your sound?
Somebody called us 'technical-indie' which is the best i've heard so far, if i had to label us it would have to be something like technical-indie-post-pop-combined with-early 90's emo-angular-math-rock...hence why we tend to stray away from labels and let people work it out for us.

Being based Ayr, do you still feel somewhat connected to the Glasgow 'scene'?
Yeah, it's not too far up the road. It's always tough but we've never really focused on Ayr, we've always paid attention to Glasgow and Edinburgh. We always feel more at home on stage in Glasgow then we do anywhere else and we're lucky enough to be friends with some amazing bands, so we're always making the effort to support them too. We are Ayr-based but are made to feel like a Glasgow band.

What has been your favourite/worst gig so far?
Our favourite gig has to either be the last gig of the year at the Captain's Rest with The Darien Venture and Three Blocks From The Wake or the This Town Needs Guns gig as they were both fantastic experiences. We don't like to dwell on the bad gigs!

What are your plans for the coming months?
We are releasing and touring and a split EP with 'The Darien Venture' in April starting on the 12th at Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh then Drouthy Neebors in Dundee on the 13th, PJ's in Dunfermline on the 14th, The Tunnels in Aberdeen on the 15th and then 'home' for our EP release show on the 16th at the Captian's Rest. We are also supporting the amazing Anathallo on the 24th May at the Captain's Rest. Lions.Chase.Tigers and Penguins Kill Polar Bears are also playing that show - so it is sure to be fantastic!


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