Karaoke fan Michael Sheen

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  • 30 March 2009
Michael Sheen

Karaoke fan Michael Sheen

Michael Sheen has confessed he is a big fan of karaoke, and has three favourite songs he always performs

Michael Sheen loves karaoke.

The 'Damned United' actor enjoys nothing more than getting on stage and singing a few tracks when he is out with friends and even has his own set list.

He said: "I have a threesome I perform throughout the night. There's 'Sweet Caroline', then Foo Fighters' 'Learning To Fly' somewhere in the middle and then 'Sweet Transvestite' from the 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' to end. It is a strange trio, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else, but it works for me.

"I've got a friend who does 'Kamikaze Karaoke' - a game where you have to choose the most difficult song you can and then perform it in front of strangers. You can't mess about. You have to get up and go for it. I wouldn't recommend it."

However, there is one song the 40-year-old star won't ever perform again after a particularly disastrous effort.

He explained: "I made a really horrific attempt at 'Livin' On A Prayer' by Bon Jovi and am still suffering the effects. It was far too high. Never again!"


1. eDJ Gear31 Mar 2009, 11:50am Report

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2. thegsterlives17 Apr 2009, 6:56am Report

It's not "Learning To Fly"; it's "Learn To Fly"...."Learning To Fly" is a Tom Petty song...good try though!

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